Page layout spin boxes hard to type in

• Aug 25, 2014 - 18:26

Ubunto 14.04, GIT commit: 534c918

Another one of those minor annoyances I keep forgetting to report.

1) score
2) layout / page settings
3) try typing "1.85" into the Space box

Result: it's hard. I would expect Ctrl+A then simply typing would do the trick, but no, as soon as you type the "1", it fills in the 0;s. So you have to delete and replace the digits one at a time.

It's actually the same for all the spin boxes in this dialog, but Space is really the only one where I'm likely to want to enter a specific fractional value. BTW, the Style dialogs don't have this problem.


What are the odds? Had both issues up in different windows, and 8 looks a lot like 0...

Speaking of strange issue tracker coincidentally, the other day I had a gig up in the mountains. Last thing I did before heading out was report a crash loading a particular version of the Pachelbel "Canon in D" from So I get to the gig, guess what the processional is? :-)