How to get playback of cres and decres over multiple measures

• Jul 14, 2020 - 06:54

I've looked through the bazillion posts on hairpins and the handbook, and I'm lost. My hairpins always instantly go from one dynamic marking to another during playback. I've tried changing velocity, multiple hidden crescendos and decrescendos, checking and unchecking single note dynamics, etc. etc. but the best I can do is step-wise markings to get something reasonably close to what I want. During playback, the sound always goes right to the next dynamic marking on the next played note regardless of how many measures I want the dynamic change to actually be.

Edit: added an example: bar 9. goes from mf to ff in one note when played back.

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You added or rather extended the hairpin wrongly.
If you double click it you see that its left anchor goes back to the last note or measure 9, and that is starts at the 2nd to last note on that measure. So the velocity change of 100 takes effect between those 2 notes.
Also that ff being part of the hairpin doesn't work (this part might be a bug though)

Check the attached.
See also (again)

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I had tried the ff being part of the > and < and not, it seemed like the software wants you to add a marking while the hairpin is still highlighted, and it appeared to work better at times. I've tried different dragging techniques, so what you see is probably just the last one I tried. But from what you are saying, I should try dragging from where i want the dynamics to "end" and then pull left?

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O_O I've always adjusted it by dragging before using the Shift commands. There's the problem. It's not super clear in the handbook that you basically can't do mouse transformations at all. And to further clarify, After doing more testing, if you add an ending dynamic while the < or > is highlighted, it doesn't register, so you're right in that that may have confused the issue at times. But mostly ID10T. Thanks for your help. Working now, and just gotta remember to not use any of the anchors that pop up.

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