Measures per system.

• Jul 22, 2020 - 06:24

Can you choose how many measures per bar/system? Four measures instead of six in each line?


I did break systems every 4 measures setting, and it set the systems to 4 measures as expected. However, I inserted a measure and that system became 5 measures instead of staying as 4. Can't imagine this is a bug?

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To be clear - there is no 'setting" that just forces every system to always have four measures - that wouldn't be very useful since more really music has some variation. The command simply adds systems breaks - you run it and it's job is done. if you then change you mind about the score and want more or fewer measures, those breaks stay exactly where they are - just as you'd normally want if for example you add a pickup or a second ending etc. If you realize you made a mistake and only entered 15 bars of music when you meant to enter 16 and you skipped a measure on the first system,, then indeed, you need to re-run the command. normally wouldn't wouldn't;t run this command until you were done entering notes so you could understand how many measures are actually appropriate for the score in question - where it's reasonable to have four on a system and where for whatever reason it makes sense to have more or fewer (like the pickup/volta example).

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