Can we find other members?

• Aug 4, 2020 - 06:21

Is there a way to contact other members, or to see their profiles?


Clicking on their name in any forum post will take you to their .org profile.
If they so choose, a contact button is available there.

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You said you tried finding the post where he said "that", by which I assumed you meant, the quoted statement to which you were responding ("Clicking on their name in any forum post will take you to their .org profile."). So I was just helping you find the post where he did originally say "that".

In any case, now that you have seen the original advice that answer, the question is, have you managed to get what you need, or do you still have a question? It really truly should be as easy as "that". I just clicked on your name in your post that I am responding to and got a page listing your forum threads and a button to press to show me your (public) scores as well (there don't appear to be any).

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Marc, thanks so much for getting back to me - I was beginning to get very sad and discouraged.
I'm sure you know what R-clicking does (shows options for the 'link' - Open, Open, Save...down to Inspect),
and,, since my last post here, I did see what L-clicking does, which is what you're describing.
As for my original question, I think I was asking how to 'contact' a user, which I'll assume that there is not
really a way. That said, I have learned a little from this, and I appreciate your involvement and indulgence.
I have a couple of more important issues to ask about: I'll be posting a Q about Plugins shortly. It should
be more 'straight-forward.' Have a good day, and Thanks again.

I don't see this in my settings. And I don't see anyone as having this on. When I click a name it takes me to a Profile page, I think, with lists of topics they are posting in.

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