Is it possible to start playing in the second round of a repeat?

• Aug 6, 2020 - 22:09

I often want to check the last part of a score. Then I only want to play part of the second round of a repeat followed by the end. As an example, in the image that I added that's the part with the pinkish background.

Of course I could start playing near the end of the first round. In the illustration that would be somewhere in
- "I never bother with people I hate",
and then wait for the second round to be played, but if a repeat is long, that can be a lot of waiting. If I want to try different changes repeatedly, I'd have to wait repeatedly.

Is it possible to start playing in the second round of a repeat?

If this isn't possible, I may toss in a feature request, but I wanted to ask first. ;-)

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You can get somewhere near using Unroll Repeats from the Tools menu. But a "Play second time" facility would be a Good Thing. I look forward to seeing it as suggestion in the Issue Tracker.

A couple of potentially complicating things to consider:
How to handle repeats > 2
How to handle To Coda direction.

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Thank you for mentioning the "Unroll Repeats". I will check that out. I also appreciate that you mentioned "complicating things to consider". I like challenges and I already had a photoshopped example of a solution.

Please check the image that I added. ("ChooseRepeat.png") The idea is that you click somewhere in the sheet music in a repeat area. Then you select 1 or 2 from the dropdown. The dropdown gets longer if there are more repeats. In the example the user clicked in an area with 3 repeats. Once you clicked in the dropdown and click "Play", the music should play as if you had gotten there the way you normally do. If you're not in a repeat area, the dropdown will be grayed out and it won't show a number.

I made the icons in the dropdown wider with a reason. I wanted them too look like the symbols in the sheet music. The idea is that users recognize what it is when they see it and that they know how to use it. The dropdown doesn't have to be at the right side of the play icon. To make the example, I had to put it somewhere.

If you think that this solution won't work, I appreciate to read it. I also appreciate if you let me know if this solution would address the "to Coda" or not.

I also hope that this solution is easy to implement for developers. This is how it "could" be. This doesn't mean that it has to be this way.

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This feature request could also come with a redesign of the numeric "playhead" (currently in the bottom right corner). Notice how the word "Play" bounces around a bit during playback, for example. It would probably make sense for the "measure":"beat":"subdivision" fields to appear next to the proposed "repeat" field and to have those fields be editable.

For those who like to be informed:

I submitted a feature request. Maybe it was good that I waited a while, because maybe the dropdown can be part of the "Play" button, or be right next to it.

The feature request can be found here:

Request: start playing in the second or third round of a repeat

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