Windows Scale and Layout Issue

• Aug 8, 2020 - 16:36
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Graphical (UI)
S2 - Critical
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Steps to Produce Your Issue:
Go to Windows Settings>Display>Scale and Layout
Under the Box: "Change the size of text, apps, and other items"
Set value above 100%
Menu height across top/Tabs are much to large.
If set at 200% and try to change font size preference, Musescore crashes.

Also, How to I install the previous version?

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I was able to work around this issue. I have 2 screens on my Windows computer. The 2 screens were set to different scales. One was set to 200% and the other set to 300%. When I changed them both to 200%, the problem stopped. I found a description of the problem on a Microsoft website (…) . The musescore software may be able to make some changes to avoid this problem in the future.

There are so many different variations of OS's, settings, and displays that it is virtually impossible to work out of the box with all of them. but we do provide a number of overrides designed to give you all the control you need. One thing to try is setting the environment variable QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR - try both true and false. Also try the "-D xxx" command line option, where "xxx" is the effective resolution of your display in DPI.

The problem started when I moved to version 3.5.
But I tried to go back the the previous version, and the problem continued.
The problem was resolved in 3.4 when I changed the scale to 200% on both monitors.
I then updated to version 3.5 with 200% on both monitors and found that the problem was resolved on 3.5 also.
Thanks for the help.