Unwanted Piano Code Heard in version

• Aug 9, 2020 - 01:52
Reported version
S2 - Critical
by design
  1. Open the musescore file attached here and listen to the music.
  2. You will hear piano codes on the 1st beat which does not appear in the score.
  3. Decrease the piano volume and then mute it.
  4. You will still hear the piano sound.
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Regression Yes No
Workaround No Yes

The latest update plays chord symbols. This is probably what you're hearing. In my opinion that should be off by default, but is not.
To stop it, select a chord symbol in your score, set it to not play in the inspector, and then clicked the "S" beside that to set that as the style. It is not visible in the style settings, but if you save the style this setting will be preserved therein. That doesn't address the fact that every time you open an existing score, you will now have to set the style to not play chord symbols. Hopefully this can be corrected.

I ran into the same problem, and I thought I was hearing things. Yes, playing chord symbols should be OFF by default, and/or better integrated with what the staff notes actually say, otherwise you get "doubled" playing. Thank you for the workaround.

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Mr. Steve Vowles,

Thank you very much for your early response. I now understand what was wrong thanks to your advice. Unfortunately, I have already made the version down to the previous one which runs perfectly. I will try the setting as per your advice when I encounter the problem again on the coming version-up.

Status needs info by design

Currently this is by design - most people place chord symbols there be use they want musicians to play them, and expect MuseScore to as well. But we recognize that some users might for whatever reason wish not to hear chord symbols in scores that previously did not play them, so we are investigating possibilities of making that happen for comaptibiltiy.

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Thanks, Marc. I put chord symbols in for reference only. Whatever I want played is in the score itself. This is compatible with the previous behaviour. I may be wrong, but I think most would feel the same way, and some of the comments would appear to support that. I can't imagine many cases where I would ever want the chord symbols to be played. With respect, I do think it should be off by default, especially since it's a new feature that affects all existing works.

As does single notes dynamics. Would you want those off by default too?
You want them off: switch them off (but we should and will make that easier)
Lots and lots of users since ages asked for chord symbol playback

What is debatable is whether to keep them off for existing pre3.5 scores, and on only for scores created or modified with 3.5 or later

I can see how some users will want chord symbols to play, especially for "fake books". Yet, for all the vast amounts of music scored with MuseScore to one day wake up to the sound of chords on top of written notes, seems like not a good choice, with all due respect (and I do respect the amazing work you all do). So, if there is such a thing as voting, my vote is to add new features in a way that will not alter the behavior of scores developed with earlier versions of the app. In this case, that would mean playing chords set to Off by default.

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Personally, in this case I would prefer to turn it on if and when I want it, which for me would be rarely. Unless you litter the score with chord symbols they're not really going to play right anyway. However, I accept that some might feel differently. Nevertheless, if you can at least make it off by default for pre-3.5 scores that would be a fair compromise.
On a related note, although this appears to be a style parameter, I don't think it appears in the style settings, or at least I couldn't find it. I assume it should be in the "Chord Symbols" category.
Thanks for your attention to this.