NotePerformer 3 Support

• Aug 12, 2020 - 04:34

Is there any reason that NotePerformer 3 can't work with MuseScore? I'm sure every user would appreciate the more accurate playback NotePerformer provides.


It has to be programmed in cooperation between MuseScore and NotePerformer. This is being worked on for MuseScore version 4 whenever it gets released, which won't be very soon.

Not every user. Musescore is free (as in freedom) software, NotePerformer unfortunately isn't. To those of us who care about the ethical implications of software, NotePerformer is not something we can appreciate.

My objections to NP have less to do with it not being free, and more about playback. NP has a limited number of instruments and won't suit everyone to begin with. NP claims to use an algorithm to playback music in a more natural way. Like real musicians. But it's not my algorithm, or my way of performing. I've had people run my music through NP. They always say,"Doesn't that sound better?" It sounds different to me and better to them. But not better to me. Sure, everyone has there own idea of what sounds better.

What MuseScore needs is better fonts and better ways to control them. Hairpins are getting there, but the tempo control plugin has a ways to go. Some people what the software to interpret their music. I like to have more control. A slight rit here or there. Minor tempo fluctuation controlled buy me in a playback score that would be different from a score I give to real players.

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FWIW, publishers generally won't be caring what the playback sounds like in your software - they won't ever hear that anyhow. They will just want it to look good. So if you're interested in getting published, best advice is to focus your efforts now on those final bits of visual polish that the publishers do care about. And maybe by the time you have pieces ready and accepted for publication (the process of shopping around to publishers , signing contracts, and so forth can take many months), maybe NotePerformer will be an option also, as a bonus :-)

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Agreed. Publishers will be able to tell, just by looking at your score, whether or not you have a clue how to write music. Better to concentrate on good writing. Notation playback is an aid, not an end. Things I complain about are to bring MS closer to other notation software.

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