Instrumentation glitch

• Aug 14, 2020 - 21:12

I am just curious about a phenomenon that I am seeing occur on every piece of music. When I get a piece of music originally for piano and I set out to orchestrate it for full orchestra, I go to Edit > Instruments and add the instruments I want. After choosing my instruments I always have to go to the mixer and, sure enough, only the violins show in the sound field "Grand piano". I always have to change them to Violins, Viola, Celli, Bass. Oddly, when I play the piece (after orchestration), even if it says "Grand Piano" it still plays the Strings. Hmmmm. Anywho, just wondering why the mixed can't set the Sounds to the String sounds. All the other instruments are fine. Is this a soundfont issue with my setup, or some weird MS glitch when you orchestrate music originally in another instrument?


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There is an issue being worked on that I brought up in I believe that when this is fixed your issue will also be fixed. Your custom sound font very likely does not have expressive channels designed for MuseScore, but the basic channels are probably GM 1 standard which is what you get when tell the synthesizer to not us expressive sounds.

The GM 1 standard can be found at and compared to your soundfont's specs so you know the answer to all of the probably's above.

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