Make page scroll when playing in panorama view

• Aug 17, 2020 - 11:10
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When I push play and I'm viewing my score in one continuous strip the page doesn't move then the music gets to the end of the screen. I have to keep stopping playback, moving the page into view, then playing again.
It would be cool if the score followed the music, like it does in page view mode, or in Sibelius.

See attached .gif of example

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  • use the 'Pan score' button in the toolbar (between Play repeats and Metronome)
  • (possible on top) in the Advanced Properties enable 3.5's new smoothPan

Thanks, yes, that button is on (blue) - you just can't see it because I made the window smaller to fit into the screencapture.
Without it being enabled I expect the page view play wouldn't scroll, as you can see it it did

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Hi! Just installed the 3.5 update a few minutes ago, and this problem was also immediately apparent to me. The blue cursor bar that indicates playback no longer stays on-screen; playback continues, but the display remains fixed in the first page.

I tried enabling Smooth Pan, and in this instance the page starts scrolling towards the right side but in a fixed speed, NOT FOLLOWING ALONG THE CURSOR BAR, which in my case can be pages away from what is been displayed.

(And yes, the 'Pan Score Automatically' control is enabled.)

This could be also a problem in the 3.4.2 version, where the displayed page wasn't always centered; it only worked properly in full-screen mode, but if i had my screen split into MuseScore and a DAW, the playback and the display were almost never synced; this was, nevertheless, preferable to the current situation where there appears to be no direct correlation between what is visually presented and what is heard.

Going back to 3.4.2, hoping this can be feasibly addressed in a near update; thanks!

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No, just to provide steps that enables any developer to reproduce the issue

Chances are good that the issue depends on some specific aspect of your score, perhaps its repeat structure. So in order to investigate we'd need someone to attach a score that exhibits the issue, and give us precise steps to reproduce the problem.