Startup crash after adding element to custom palette

• Aug 17, 2020 - 22:28

After following the howto: I wanted to add the visual swing marking to a custom palette like the howto suggests in step 6. I highlighted the swing marking/bar and used shift + ctrl to drag it into the custom palette. Only the large equal sign was added to the palette, and after dragging the marking into the palette a second time, Musescore crashed and I uploaded the crash report. On start up, pressing either the option to restore last session or to continue without restoring, Musescore briefly opens and then crashes again. I have restarted my laptop, and also reinstalled Musescore but no luck. If the crash report saves a log file to your device, where might that be found so I can amend that to my post?


May I ask what are you dragging to the palette exactly?
I was able to reproduce the crash when dragging a REST to the palette. This seems it is a bug - that should not be allowed.

You should ctrl-shift drag only the image (the svg element you captured and then added) and not the rest that it is attached to, nor the original measure in which you prepared the swing notation.

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