Note spacing after invisible time signature change

• Aug 19, 2020 - 03:24

When a time signature change coincides with a new page and the time signature is set Invisible the next note is placed too close to the start of the bar and clashes with the key signature. See bar 5 in the attachment.
If time signature is visible spacing is good.

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Don't hide the time sig then. If the purpose is to change that measure's beats, use measure properties and actual time sig?

Or increase Format > Style... > Measure > Distance System header with time signature (or the like, I'm in the German settings)

In reply to by Ziya Mete Demircan

Indeed, we have a whole bunch of settings in Format / Style / Measure to control the spacing between the various header elements (clef, key, time signature) and the distance from the header to the first note, and there are a few combinations where one or two of the header elements are present but a third is missing where we don't correctly figure out which of those settings to apply. And complicating this is C major key signatures which are sometimes actually present as empty key signatures and sometimes not present at all, depending on what else is going on and what produced the key (transposition etc). See for example #293775: Time and key signature spacing incorrect when invisible or #292065: Clef to time signature distance (Format > Style > Measure) not honored in presence of empty key signature.

Best workaround I know for this case is to add an "open/atonal" key signature. It has zero width but it provides a known place to measure the distance from.

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