Invisible objects selected and moved when not shown

• Aug 19, 2020 - 16:01

Invisible objects can be selected and moved when the option to hide them is on. Is there a way to prevent it?



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The circle is created by the screen recorder utility while the mouse button is pressed! (Cockos LiceCap) You don't get a hint of the fact that you selected something invisible... until you move it around, then you see the dotted red line ending in nothing...

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You can tell if something invisible is selected because it changes color to a light version of it's assigned voice. Notice that your selected bow symbol is a light shade of blue and all of the others are gray. This of course does not apply if invisible items are not shown.

I think that what can't be seen should not be modifiable. The problem anyway is when I try to select something that is not invisible and not hidden, and pick up an invisible item that covers it instead. It could be even impossible to select something just because a hidden element covers it.

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In the case of the invisible lines there are legitimate reasons for insisting on being able to select them. In the case of a dim. line, the user may want to adjust the end point so it does or doesn't affect a given note or vertical offset (because it still affects the location of the next dynamic). There are other situations but these examples explain why I want to be able to select invisible lines.

FWIW, I kind of doubt this was deliberate, more likely an oversight. I'm not even sure it's always been this way - I can't seem to select fully invisible elements in MuseScore 2, for example.

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Which is why I say this is a bug, not a feature request. Even if something was intentionally changed, if it causes another issue that wasn't there, that's a bug that is a side effect of the change, it doesn't mean now we need a feature request to put it back the way it was.

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