Using mscore.ttf "Emmentaler" glyphs (characters) in Windows 10

• Aug 27, 2020 - 14:34

Trouble accessing all the cool glyphs (characters) I see in the SMUFL reference.

  1. I downloaded and installed…

  2. I downloaded and referred to It has apparently thousands of glyphs. Very nice. Maybe the wrong reference?

  3. I modified my registry to create a string registry value in Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Input Method called EnableHexNumpad with the value of 1

  4. a) I found double sharp U+E263 under Standard Accidentals in the reference and tried typing "+E263" using the number pad for numbers while holding the [ALT] key. I got a dot. Something, but not what I expected.
    b) I found time signature 0 (small staff) uniE080.ss01 under Recommended stylistic alternates and tried typing "+E080" using the number pad for numbers while holding the [ALT] key. I got a nice picture, but it wasn't a 0. Apparently I am accessing the wrong glyphs, and they don't even seem musical though they are coming from MScore.ttf.

  5. I used the Windows native Character Map program to see and use a few hundred glyphs from MScore. But I do not see all the glyphs in the SMUFL document including leger [sic] lines.

I am getting value from mscore.ttf, but not all the value I see in the SMUFL reference.

A. Do I have the wrong reference?
B. Do I have the wrong ttf font file?
C. Am I using the wrong Windows 10 entry methods?


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  1. I installed MScoreText.ttf
  2. I referred to the same SMUFL document.
  3. I tried the character map (it's partial) and the keypress combinations (none of them work; At the minimum, it would be nice if I could figure out the keypress combinations for what I see in the Windows character map.).

I get the same result as with MScore.ttf. Some codes create pretty pictures that are not musical. Other codes create nothing. The character map is still partial and goes from U+E003 to U+EC98 (no leger [sic] lines, no brackets, no staves, etc). The reference goes from U+E000 to U+ECB7.

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