MuseScore 3.5 is not available on the site & Platform application

• Aug 31, 2020 - 09:50
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S4 - Minor

Regression: The latest version of MuseScore on (and in the Platform, their launcher or installer portal) is MuseScore 2.3.2.

Workaround: As of version 3.5, MuseScore is available as a Windows portable application/installer (lower-case intentional, to distinguish it from an "official" application), available from MuseScore downloads (link text: Portable version).

The effort to create the portable application binary/installer was tracked at #281616: MuseScore 3 is not available as a PortableApp on Windows may have some additional background.

Would it be possible to do the the necessary to have it conform to the standards so it can be included?

(a) on the site
(b) in the launcher


Your preference / opinion noted. I would like to hear from others.

My own scenario: I have been using the Platform extensively on my locked-down work laptop to install and maintain all my OSS applications, and find it extremely convenient. MuseScore is currently the only app I install/update outside of .

If the general consensus is that this is a "won't fix" (for whatever reason, or at least for now), we have it on record.

Regression No Yes
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I believe it is a regression. The previous latest version that was available via was 2.3.2.
HOWERVER, looking for this version on the site just now, I just noticed that MuseScore 3.5 is available on the web site, AND installable via the platform app. I just installed 3.5 via the platform app. It was added/updated on 2020-09-08.

Regression Yes No

It is not a regression, as it has never been made available there, not for MuseScore 3 in any case, and not for MuseScore 2 and 1 by the MuseScore team
Having it as part of the MuseScore build process now, is a new feature, as of 3.5(.0), so can't be a regression

As I stated originally:

"Regression: The latest version of MuseScore on (and in the Platform, their launcher or installer portal) is MuseScore 2.3.2."

This old version was maintain by BartS. He took the regular installer and converted it into a portableapp and got it accepted by for distribution via their site and platform app. Since it was available for 2.3.2, but not 3.x, I would think it is a regression. If that does not make this issue a regression, I don't know what would.

Ok, I now understand where the confusion/misunderstanding was.

a) the other issue was for the existence of the binary, which existed since 3.0. Getting the binary was a prerequisite for getting it on the platform (esp if we wanted to avoid the hand-massaging of the installer, which BartS used to do, in favour of an automated way to produce the binary).

b) this issue was for availability on the platform, logged against 3.5 (even though the issue existed since 3.0). I just logged it against 3.5 since the 3.5 binary was out by then, and logging an issues that exited since 3.0 did not make sense to me.

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