Volta slur & dynamic problems

• Sep 1, 2020 - 17:48

I do have a score which has a slur from a pickup measure (no problem) and from the end of Volta 1 to the beginning of the repeat section. I have not been able to create that and I wonder, whether Musescore supports that.
In another score a first run should be played pp and the repetition ff.
As you can see in my example, the first run is pp but the repeatition also.
Volta 2 is played ff for whatever reason.
Thanks for any help.

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You cannot notate MuseScore so it does anything different on a repeat than it did in the original pass through those measures.

If your notation is done and playback is your sole concern you can use Tools->Unroll repeats to make a score that has all repeats written out. You can then edit this score for playback purposes only. You cannot reroll the score and make it work unrolled.

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Thanks for your answer.
I do not find it logical though. I assumed, Musescore would keep a dynamic until replaced by something else.
Since it does not encounter pp while repeating, why use it. The same goes for the ff at the end of the repetition.
Why is Volta 2 played loud?
I do have a printed score with the instruction to play first run pp and during repeating ff.

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That's the way it was programmed. The playback program will need some major rewriting to make a different playback on the second time around.

Basically, scroll to the left and the last dynamic, tempo, clef or whatever else you see that affects that measure is the one that is applied to the measure. Even though from a musicians point of view things in volta 1 come before the second time through a repeated measure, MuseScore doesn't do this.

Version 4 is being written right now and I haven't heard anything about this being worked on. There have been numerous requests to make second time through options on playback, but so far nothing has happened. We'll see what version 4 brings.

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