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• Sep 12, 2020 - 20:01

What is the final opinion on those suggestions?
1. Working fermatas above barlines
2. https://musescore.org/en/node/305830
3. Trills with accidentals (well, you can actually make that work with a second voice... but maybe it will come in handy)
4. Portamento (for strings, trombones etc...)
5. straight mutes ( :') I still can't find any decent ones... the only one for trumpets I have found is VSCO's and works for half of the range of the common trumpet)
Don't spank me! Btw... *I still try to figure out how to get single note dynamics: I used GeneralUser with C11 and non expressive sounds)


Nothing is ever final, but those are all things that may or may not end up making it into MuseScore 4, depending on how things over the course of the coming months.

Easiest way to get single note dynamics is leave everything at the defaults.

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Yes, I mean the default soundfont - the only one specifically designed to work with MuseScore’s implementation of SND. Any other soundfont may happen to work by accident on some systems - details could be system dependent, support might only be partial, etc. To me it’s just not a battle worth fighting unless you really have some very special-purpose soundfont you need to use. But GeneralUser is just a lower-resource GM soundfont, no particular advantage unless you are extremely low on RAM. Subjectively some people might prefer the sound of some instruments in one vs the other, but overall, it’s a wash at best.

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I'm not sure what that means but... There are 2 reasons I believe straight mutes will be more useful:
1. Harmon, (current standard?) is used mainly in jazz and , at least I, haven't heard it anywhere else. Meanwhile, straight mutes are more common (wiki agrees lol)
2. There are many Harmon mutes you can download now while there is only 1-2 and one of those isn't even sf2 (it's sfz) and doesn't work fully properly... to be honest I haven't seen any other straight mute soundfont out there

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