Horizontal Spacing

• Sep 16, 2020 - 20:07

This has probably been already mentioned, but when cross-staffing, the horizontal spacing often looks ill compared to how it 'ought' to be:

Default MS entry:


While on the subject, I wonder if having the stems be "equidistant" on both staves wouldn't be a bad idea? I.e., if "Force horizontal" were applied to the beams, the beams would align vertically as in the image there. It looks better generally speaking as shown in the "From" capture, but then all following stems would need to be of the same "reach" to a given centered distance. Not sure what the "standard" engraving rules are.


I think what you are describing isn't just about cross-staff notation but also applies to a single staff in the right circumstances. I think it's about the mix of upstem and downstem notes on the same beam. The noteheads are actually the same distance apart horizontally, but it's deceptive because the stems are then unevenly spaced. There's a thing called "optical" spacing that can be employed to give a more even look, and I think that's what you is going on in your example.

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