Adjustable midi channeling

• Sep 19, 2020 - 08:06
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Project explains a problem caused by metronome ticks being relooped through midi channels when trying to use A2M audio to midi software for melody input. The problem might disappear if one can adjust midi input and output channels in Musescore, to prevent looping. Easiest way might be a setup file in which the channels can be defined if default configuration is not preferred.


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You're all but one -> Frequency: Once
Did this work in any prior version and if so which? If not this is not a regression.

I had experimented such sound looping : the notes where played twice during the input and also during the partition play.
The confusion comes from choices for MIDI (input and ouput) are not always visible.
The reason of looping was that a i had and ouput midi the ini file (IO section) wich i cant see in the tab of preferences.
So i found two solutions :
. a dirty one, accessible to end user : give a phantom midi out (in my case, a midi ouput of my keyboard)
. a developer one : cleaning the io section of ini file.

I think the management of ini file generates many frustrations.
For instance, reset perferences to default doesn't reset everything, specialy the midi input/ouput.
So i had a 'hard reset' technic :
copy the Musescore3.ini file to Musescore3Bak.ini (copy was made after the first wizard of installation, this is important because of localization aspect).
in case of bug, i can easylly restore that file.

An other aspect is that user cant see what happened.
In other software, for the MIDI devices you have several concepts :
1) installed and used
2) installed and not used
3) not installed and used
4) not installed and not used
So you see in a quick check the state of a device(in the list above, 3 will give 'Ah OK my piano key board is powered off').

I can echange with you to more details.