2 options I need for fast note input

• Sep 19, 2020 - 22:46
  1. Disable the mouse-note-input for users with MIDI keyboards. For me its a very important feature for working fast. Its possible in Dorico and Sibelius too.

  2. Select notes by dragging the mouse without pressing shift (as I can do in the piano roll). Also in Dorico this is not necessary (if you disabled the hand (dragging) tool.


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I personally still use the keyboard for almost all my selecting and editing, including scrolling the canvas, navigating form staff to staff or measure to measure for note input. And we've actually gone to quite some trouble make sure you d do virtually everything without the mouse (and important concern for accessibility to support blind users). Still, if you're used to using the mouse for this, it can be distracting when it accidentally enters a note.

So I'm fine with the suggestion for the future. Meanwhile, I'm just trying to help people use the program more effectively today as well. Once you get out of the habit of dragging the canvas or trying to drag-select (which isn't a thing in note input mode anyhow), you will find you almost never enter notes accidentally with the mouse, except perhaps when changing staves. So that becomes the next thing to get used to doing via shortcut: Alt+Up/Down. This actually also move through notes within a chord and multiple voices within a single staff first, but if you want you can define a shortcut for next/previous staff as well. I've made these [ and ] on my system, although to be honest I seldom remember that.

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Thanks Marc! Yes I like to use the mouse for selecting (sometimes in the piano roll) and the MIDI keyboard for step note input. I also did a a lot of key commands for editing notes. Thats really great in MuseScore! It would be really fine to have a preference as "note input with Midi Keyboard only" to prevent a note accidently created by the mouse. Selecting and editing with the mouse should still be possible .

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