Question regarding [Shift + ←]

• Sep 21, 2020 - 10:25

What I did / how you can reproduce this:
1. Create the score shown in the fist picture:
2. Click on the last note
3. Click [N] to enter some special mode
4. Click [Shift + ←]
5. The Measure should now look like the one shown in the second picture:

As far as I'm aware, the second measure now is longer than 4/4 because the last note turned into a quarter note and nothing else changed. However:
1. There's no floating "+" icon that shows me that the measure's too long
2. The rhythm still sounds identical.

What is happening? Does this high quarter note mean something different?
EDIT: This also works with a measure as simple as this one:


It looks like you lost a beam, but that's impossible to tell from a picture. What does it show on the status bar? In any case this is a bug. I recreated the measure and got the exact results you did. It showed the last note is an 8th note

It is a bug that you should report at

As a workaround change the beaming on the last note to none then middle and it will be fixed. I would set the severity as S5 - Minor

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As long as you reproduce the first screenshot, it should show the bug. I copy+pasted that measure in a completely new measure and it still "did the job". Job being the bug.

If it still doesn't work for you and you need the score: What format? (might be a stupid question; I'm new to Musescrore) Any stuff I should remove?

For the record, pressing N puts you in the standard note input mode, not anything special. And Shift+arrow is supposed to exchange two notes of the same value (duration). I guess somehow the when this happens, the information about beaming is following the notes, so the "D" still shows as the end of the beam even after moving it to the second-to-last position. Clearly a bug.

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