A tied pair of non-adjacent notes does not sustain correctly

• Sep 24, 2020 - 01:00
S3 - Major


In Musescore, ties function in such a way that a note can be tied to another, even separated by implied silence, as in the first staff in the above image. This isn't unprecedented, and the behavior should be allowed. It appears for instance in the Alfred Essential Dictionary of Musical Notation on page 325 as in the image below.


However, the playback which Musescore uses in this situation doesn't produce the desired effect of sustaining the note through the end of the note it's tied to (the equivalent traditional notation for which, and the one which generates the desired playback, is included on staff 2). Instead, the ending of each note is staggered in relation to the duration of the tied note + the duration of the note to which it is tied. This behavior corresponds with voice 3.

To reproduce this issue more clearly,

1) Simply enter a series of, for example, four eighth notes.

2) Enter a chord, in this example an eighth-note consisting only of all of the notes in that series.

3) Select the eighth notes and use the tie command, which will couple each note a one in the chord.

4) Observe that in playback, the releases of these notes (as indicated by blue highlight) are staggered, and because the duration picked for the chord is short, the first few notes terminate before reaching beat 2. Experiment with the duration of the chord, and you should find that each note is extended by the duration of the chord, but they do not terminate together. As above, rather than staggering, I expect all of the notes to terminate with the latest one.

A potential application of this, aside from measured arpeggios is sustaining notes on specific strings of a guitar as in the attached example, where the playback doesn't last the expected duration.

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Severity S4 - Minor S3 - Major

Additionally, I just found that the Piano Roll after Step 4 indicates that the expected behavior IS also accounted for by the software. Since this is not just a discrepancy in my own expectations, but actually seems to be an error in the software, I am marking it as S3.

Frequency Once Few

I initially thought the problem was the choice of the guitar to demonstrate the bug due to decay of the sound. I tested it on the Clarinet and found the same thing. I agree it's a major problem since there is no work around, even a reasonable one in the PRE.

Reported version 3.5 3.2

This happens in v3.2.3 also. While playing back, the notes also light up in their voice colour exactly for the duration they’re played back, not for the duration they should be sounding.

Reported version 3.2 3.5

wait hold on. sorry, I didn’t realise setting a different ‘reported version’ in a comment changed it for the whole issue. this should be back at 3.5.

Title Playback for ties distant from the second (etc.) note do not behave as expected A tied pair of non-adjacent notes do not sustain correctly

Goes back to MS 2.3.2 (and beyond).

Title A tied pair of non-adjacent notes do not sustain correctly A tied pair of non-adjacent notes does not sustain correctly