How to write 10th, 11th, 13th notes or any number?

• Sep 27, 2020 - 00:06

In Chopin's composition, there are so many notes irregular, even 35th. Now to write them?



You need to:

  1. determine the duration of all of the notes combined

  2. Find which duration this number is based upon. It may say 35 but there may be a different number of notes like 30, which means some of the notes are combined into a longer note or 40 which means some of the notes are divided into more than one shorter note.

  3. determine how many of the smaller notes are used in making the duration in step 1.

For a simple example

10 16th notes that take 2 beats to play.

  1. total duration is 2 beats (a half note)
  2. There are only 16th notes in my example so the duration is based upon 16th notes
  3. It normally takes 16 16th notes for 2 beats.

So now you need to make a tuplet with 10 16th notes in it that lasts 2 beats. Here's what you do:

  1. Create a rest of the duration from step 1 (1/2 rest)

  2. Select the rest and choose from the menu Add->Tuplet->Other and a dialog box will appear with the default ratio of 3/2

  3. Set the first number to the total number of notes from step 2 (in this example 10)

  4. Set the second number to the number of notes it takes for the duration from step 3 (in this example 16)

When you click OK you will get a tuplet of 10 16th rests you can enter notes into. You can now enter the notes.

Also note that this would be an unusual tuplet. You would normally expect to find a 10 16th note tuplet taking one beat but this is for illustration purposes only.

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