Problem with positioning lines

• Sep 29, 2020 - 22:14
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S3 - Major
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1) I guess try to write what is there or use a pedal line on whatever score. I will upload the original file so you can check it

The problem is on the sustain pedal bar that doesn´t react correctly to my mouse/tablet. This began with that line, on the beginning in the right spot, but, from editing a bit on other parts of the piece, and checking again this specific part. I separated the lines (those four bars were combined, so bar 21 to 24) by deleting them and putting one for each phrase (bar 21 to 22, and bar 23 to 24). For some reason, that second phrase (bar 23 to 24) just had the bar a bit more lowly than normally, a bit much maybe (screenshot 1).

I tried moving it to a better position, but it just got worst (screenshot 2). And, for some reason, this happens as well with other pedal lines (screenshot 3, and literally every other pedal line). Some pedal lines react better to the movement than others, but those specific two simply doesn´t work.

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Title Mega-hyper-ultra distancing sustain pedal Problem with positioning lines

On mm 21-22, if you drag the line upwards it shoots off in the opposite direction. A bug?

Status active needs info
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I can tell you why it's misbehaving - it's because both pedal lines have offsets applied to them that are confusing the alignment algorithm Try resetting them both and all is well - they are both aligned perfectly.

What's not clear is why the particular offsets I see here - 18sp for the first one?!?! - are there to begin with, or why that produces the exact result it does. But, anyhow, the solution is simple enough, remove those offsets, which were not appropriate to begin with. There are crazy offswets on most of these pedal lines, in fact. So if you didn't apply those deliberately, we'd want to understand how it came to be. but you shouldn't have made to adjust anything, manually, the default layout is actually good for all of these (Ctrl+A, Ctrl+R shows that).