Can't insert notes

• Sep 30, 2020 - 00:27


My name is Landon and I downloaded your application in order to complete assignments for college. It literally will not let me insert notes into the staff. I press N for the note insert and press 5 for a quarter note, and when i click the mouse it does not insert the note. Can i get some help?


Note input icon.PNG

Here's a picture of the note input icon in the default note input mode. If this isn't what it looks like, click the triangle on the right and select the Step-Time (Default) option.

If that's not it, we'd need more information in order to understand what might be going wrong. Like, does the cursor change to show you are in note input? What is the score you are trying to enter notes on? If it is for percussion, did you read the specific instructions for drum notation? And, where specifically are you clicking? What happens if you use a keyboard shortcut - like pressing "A"?

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