How can i delete the empty space above the score?

• Oct 1, 2020 - 14:04

How can i delete the empty space above the score? I have now an empty space of about 20 cm above the first staff and i have searched how to delete this but i cannot find it


That is usually a sign that you have dragged something we can't see in the picture up and auto placement is avoiding the top margin. Select the entire first staff and press ctrl+r to see if the space disappears. Then look at your first staff and see if you can figure out what you didn't want to be there so you can delete it.

If this doesn't work, attach your score.

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You are in single page view, which I never use so I hadn't seen this before. I put a couple of my other scores into page view and got something similar. The way to get rid of this is to use Page View rather than Single Page view. As to weather this is a proper display for Single Page view, I have my doubts and I'd like to see other opinions and perhaps hear something about how to use this that I'm not familiar with.

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Nothing in that score looks even remotely like in your image, it doesn't have any title frame at all, not even in page mode. (as taken from File > Score Properties > source) doesn't seem to exist, maybe it is set to private or unlisted?
Fixed score attached, by adding the title, lyricist and composer

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I didn't tell you to delete the title frame. You wanted and expected that to be there and it's presence by itself won't cause the space unless you accidentally (or intentionally) increased the space above it, which was one of many initial reasons I thought the space might be there.

I don't know of any setting in preferences or style that would lead to this space only in Single Page view.

Single page view gives you an infinite scrolling page. You can scroll up or down as far as you like. Looks like you have chosen to scroll up for some reason, just hit the Home button to return to the top of the score.

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