Pick-up note creation and extra measure or rest

• Oct 1, 2020 - 21:57
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Creation of pick-up note(s)/anacruses is problematic. Yes, it is possible to insert a new bar line so that there is a pick-up note (or notes), but the resulting empty bar is incomplete, despite the fact that it now contains a whole rest in it.

If the user could simply delete this incomplete measure, OR could add an extra beat to it, there would be no problem. I've found that the delete function merely clears notation in measures, replacing anything entered with a whole rest. Attempting to add the extra beat to complete the measure is also not possible.

Then I thought to cut and paste material, but MuseScore makes it so that the shortened measure adjusts for rhythm duration content and now the measures are off. There are 2 screenshots attached. The one with the highlighted measures is pre-cut & paste; the one with successive measures shows the issue I'm describing.

Yes, it's possible to highlight all the material and then one by one enter new bar lines, but there's still an incomplete measure at the end. While sometimes this is desirable, it is possible to being any piece with pick-up notes and end with a complete measure.

The easiest solution would be to be able to delete measures outright. Am I missing this function somewhere in the program? Is it possible that you are already working on this? Most of my theory class for non-music majors uses MuseScore and this is quite problematic.

Thank you for your time and assistance.


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You can delete an entire measure by pressing ctrl+delete (cmd+delete on Mac?). It sounds like your goal is to simply do away with the pickup measure so that would work. If your goal is to turn the pickup measure to a full measure, the easiest way is probably to right click that measure, choose measure properties and set the actual duration to match the nominal duration (which should match the key signature). Does this help?

Thank you for your swift reply, as I wasn't able to find the issue in the Help section Topics. The aim is to delete the empty and now incomplete measure that was created after entering the bar line so that there could be a pick-up note.

Thus, ctrl+delete (PC) cmd+delete (Mac) is what i was looking for. Yay.