Importing a B as a C-flat, E as an F-flat

• Oct 7, 2020 - 18:29

I exported a midi file from FL Studio, opened in Musescore. The B's were transformed into C-flats and the E's into F-flats. Am I doing something wrong? Any way to correct without fixing every note?


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It is a transposing instrument, French horn, although I don't think that is the problem. Musescore picks up the midi file as a piano note for some reason. The opening note is a concert E, which is notated as an F-flat. Transposing it in Musescore for the horn part results in a C-flat, which I would prefer to be notated as a B. Interesting - in the Piano Roll Editor the note is shown as a B, but which is labeled a C-flat.

I don't know what that key is that you are recommending pressing.

MIDI doesn't contain this information - the same pitch number represents B and Cb, and the same pitch represents E and Fb. Also F# and Gb, etc. It's but one reason MIDI is not a good choice for trying to transfer notation info. Anyhow, on import, MuseScore tries to guess based on the context which spelling to choose. In a key with lots of flats, Cb often is the better spelling than B. Also in a chromatically descending passage, and so on. But there can indeed be special reasons to override these choices here and there, so the J command will do that.

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