Using a mixer with Musescore

• Oct 10, 2020 - 17:21
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If you play Musescore in association with a mixer Musescore will only play through the laptop speakers. All other systems use the external speakers including all music uploaded or played when selected for download but not after download. I am sure the selected file below will play when you look at it. It appears that there is a possibility to make the appropriate changes within "preferences" within Musescore but the changes that are there are never accepted and always revert to the original settings.

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Thank you for your reply but I have the latest version you suggest but it still doesn't play Musescore through the mixer. The problem appears to be that after after I have made the correct changes it is not possible to "Apply" it before saying OK. The correct mixer is always found but can't be used because it is not possible to use the Apply button (it is there but in grey).

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I use the mixer so that I can record what I play on the piano. The recordings are excellent (not my playing) when I want to do anything else such as play Youtube, use Skype or Zoom or anything else the sound always comes through my external speakers. When I play anything using Musescore the sound always comes through my laptop speakers which are obviously very inferior. I could unhitch the mixer and return to playing Musescore through my speakers every time. This is OK but shouldn't be necessary and is annoying.

So this is not MuseScore 's mixer but the operating system one. Then you need to change Preferences > I/O to not go to the speakers. That setting had a bug in 3.5.0, fixed in 3.5.1 though, see above

When I first raised this problem as a fault I did exactly as you suggest as can be seen in the attached screen shot. You can see that both the OK and Cancel buttons are in heavey print but the Apply button is not. When this button is pushed is has no affect. Cancel does and so does Ok but in both cases the Device window always reverts to the previous settings. I have no doubt this is a bug within Musescore.

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Fix version 3.5.1  

I see, so an entirely different issue from the one I though it to be.
The issue is using ASIO and the Yamaha Steinberg drivers with MuseScore:
(Saves others from having to open that .doc file)

That had been causing issues earlier too, see also #267737: Windows Fall Creators Update causes MuseScore not to start anymore but hangup with "Preparing to install", not sure whether this might be related in some way

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Actually it still might be a duplicate: the bug is that those changes don't save, unless you change something else too (which is the workaround).
Have you tried that? Or updated to 3.5.1, which should have that issue fixed?

Problem solved. Even though my Musescore was already up to date I decided to do a complete re-install of 3.1.5. When this was finished Musescore picked up my Mixer and without any changes on my part Musescore plays through my external speakers. Thank you Jo Jo for your interest and help.