Clarify template titles for "Liturgical" and "Closed Score"

• Aug 28, 2014 - 06:38
Graphical (UI)

The terms "Liturgical Unmetrical" and "closed score" are not as commonly understood as the terms "No Meter" and "(2-Staff)". Also "SATB (4-Staff)" is clearer than "SATB".

For clarity and ease of understanding, I recommend the following changes to the template names:

* "02-Choral-Liturgical_Unmetrical.mscx" -> "02-Choral-No_Meter.mscx"
* "02-Choral-Liturgical_Unmetrical_with_Organ.mscx" -> "02-Choral-No_Meter_plus_Organ.mscx"
* "02-Choral-SATB.mscx" -> "02-Choral-SATB_(4-Staff).mscx"
* "02-Choral-SATB_Closed_Score.mscx" -> "02-Choral-SATB_(2-Staff).mscx"
* "02-Choral-SATB_Closed_Score_with_Organ.mscx" -> "02-Choral-SATB_(2-Staff)_plus_Organ.mscx"
* "02-Choral-SATB_Closed_Score_with_Piano.mscx" -> "02-Choral-SATB_(2-Staff)_plus_Piano.mscx"
* "02-Choral-SATB_with_Organ.mscx" -> "02-Choral-SATB_(4-Staff)_plus_Organ.mscx"
* "02-Choral-SATB_with_Piano.mscx" -> "02-Choral-SATB_(4-Staff)_plus_Piano.mscx"

MuseScore version: 2.0 beta 1

(Operating System: Windows 7)


My tendency would be to use folders in the file system to represent "General", "Choral, Vocal", etc. rather than create a list of reserved characters that are normally found in file names, but I'm sure you have reasons for the current system.

I'd agree in preferring 4/2-staff over open/closed score.
I'd disagree with having to avoid '-', "(2_Staff)" looks bad to me, "(2-Staff)" looks much better

I wonder if some instructions would be good in the No_Meter template maybe using the Subtitle field to instruct the user to use the split and join measure feature to get the music to fit.

What do you think?