Dotted Connected Barlines

• Oct 17, 2020 - 02:14

How could I make connected dotted barlines like the ones below? This is one instrument, two staves. Thanks.

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This isn't directly supported in MuseScore. It would be a lot of work to enter lines and make them dotted then make them vertical for all of the measures. Then when you did something to change the layout of a measure the lines wouldn't likely stay in the right place. This isn't a common practice so I would leave the lines solid myself.

It's not clear why you'd want to do this, but I'll assume there is a reason. A fairly reasonable-ish way to go about it would be to extend the barlines between staves normally, make them all dotted, then add the solid barlines to the real barlines as symbols from the Symbols palette. It's several steps per barline, but it should be pretty safe and survive any layout change.

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The problem is that the barline symbol doesn’t have the same thickness as the ordinary barline (the latter’s thickness defined in Format > Style... > Barlines).

If you’re fine with this situation but don’t want the thicker dots to stick out from behind the solid barline symbol, set the ‘Span from’ to 8 in the Inspector for the dotted barline.

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