Dynamics effect with internal synth (0.9.6 regression)

• Oct 17, 2009 - 17:47
S4 - Minor

With last trunk r2220 on windows and mac

in demo score, add a "ppp" dynamic on measure 2
Playback from the start with internal synth.
On ppp, the sound is louder (in note properties, velocity seems ok)

If you save the file in MIDI and play with a midi player, the dynamic sounds good.


Actually I'm not getting any change in volume in MuseScore (r.2224 nightly, Windows XP). Like you mention, the MIDI file works as expected.

I still don't hear a difference in volume during playback. I have tried dynamics that apply to staff, part, or system.

(r. 2375 nighlty, Windows XP)

Attached is a copy of promenade with dynamics dragged to the second measure. I reverted to factory settings but the dynamic markings still do not have any effect.

Also attached is a screenshot of the I/O tab just in case there any significant differences.

(r.2378 nightly, Windows XP)

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promenade dynamics.mscz 5.02 KB
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This is still a problem in the latest pre-release r2451 on Windows XP. (sigh).
I currently work with version 9.5. Can anyone point me to a stable pre-release earlier than r2451 that does not have this issue?


Thomas: I played the screencast, and I acknowledge the dynamic change. However it does not work for me in r2451 on Windows XP, either with the demo Promenade as shown in the screencast, or a score I created from the 9.5 version. I assume the difference between XP vs Vista is the cause.


I am a professional programmer, and I think it's the developer's responsibility to find and correct bugs in his programs, not users.

Sorry, I didn't mean to sound as if it was expected that you should do this. It was only a suggestion since it sounded like you would be trying a few prereleases anyway, and it sounded like you were interested in seeing a fix for this earlier rather than later.

Also as Thomas indicates, anyone with the skills and interest to help improve the product is welcome. MuseScore is a product of volunteer help and is (by necessity) different from a typical closed-source software company. In other words users sometimes decide to be developers.

Someone with a non working version, could you drag a piano/pianissimo on second measure and check the velocity of the note before and after the dynamic ?
For me the first measure (f) it's at 90 and if I drag a "pp", the notes after it are at 33.

Attached is a score showing this problem with dynamics (though it could just be me, as I'm a new user). The most obvious example is in the first bar, where the "mp" Bass Clef is changed to "mf" by the Treble Clef dynamic.

I'm using v0.9.5 rev 2012

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On my computer this problem only happen with a soundfont called SGM v2.01, other sf are right.
I also debug into source code of fluid, it load soundfont file to some Preset and Zone, maybe there is something special in this sf file.


Your discovery that this problem is related to the SoundFont is an important one.

The dynamics work as expected for me when I use TimGM6mb.sf2 (the default SoundFont for 0.9.6)

The dynamics do not work at all for me when I use 2gmgsmt.sf2 (a SoundFont that came with my computer).

misterdls, could you share what SoundFont you are using?

I've been using sinfon36.sf2, with MuseScore 0.9.5 on Windows XP. And it has always been playing back the dynamics changes just fine. So I believe it cannot be just a soundfont issue. Something happened in one of the nightly builds a long time ago to break this and the problem has continued since.

I chose sinfon36.sf2 because after much experimenting I found it to be the best soundfont for replicating the sound of a symphony orchestra.

Since the nightly builds are meant to be tested, it seems odd to me that someone doesn't put a fix in for this and then ask that this feature be tested by those of us experiencing this problem.