Score Disappeared

• Oct 21, 2020 - 14:49

Yesterday I installed the new muse score update. I have been working on a score for the pasts few months and saving it frequently. Yesterday when the update installed I had saved the score and the file was open. When the update completed the score had disappeared. I searched my computer for any mscx. files but the most recent one was from months ago. Please help me recover it as i’m working under deadline and don’t have time to rewrite the score. Thank you.


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Be sure when using your OS's search facility, you tell it to search the entire hard drive - including hidden folders, OS folders, etc. Without knowing what folder you think you had saved it to or why it was actually saved somewhere other than that, it's hard to guess what might have happened - perhaps you had been working on a crash recovery file rather than a "real" score - but if you saved it at all, it's a file in a folder somewhere on that drive, and any file finding tools should have options to do a more thorough search than what its default is (probably just looking in your own users, home. or documents folder).

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Every single file exists in a folder, that's how drives are organized. What is the exact pathname of the folder you believe you saved the score to? If you aren't fully familiar with these terms - and why I say that every file must live in a folder somewhere - then I also suggest maybe first you do some reading up on how files and folders work, it will make the searching go better to have a better understanding of these things.

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As I said, probably it’s not looking across your entire drive by default. You would have to consult the documentation for the tool you are using - or do a web search for more info - on how to use that tool. I am pretty sure the tools but into macOS have this capability somewhere, but if not, a web search would probably also turn up third party tools.

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