I just allowed an update and now the layouts of most of my scores are destroyed!

• Oct 21, 2020 - 21:06

After spending an entire 2 week vacation, laying out and arranging 16 of my songs, I allowed a musescore update which I have discovered has DESTROYED by deleting all of the work that I did. When I go to save something now, the score is gray and asks me if I want to "replace" the current score.... THIS has never been the case.

I love musescore but I feel like I am going to cry or have a stroke... please help me... I am desperate.
Kathleensings - music teacher

Can I uninstall an update?

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You can uninstall the current version and install any older one.
From which to where did you update? The attached score has been last saved with 3.5.2, I guess that answers the ''to where" part of my question.
If you were coming from 3.5.0, then no layout changes should have happened, but I have the suspicion that you updated from 2.3.2, right (score creation date of 2018-07-25 seems to support that suspicion, as do several style settings)? There indeed layout changes are to be expected.
If so: that 2.3.2 is still installed and working, it just isn't the default for mscz files anymore

Attached my attempt to clean the layout for MuseScore 3. You BTW made a mistake with voices in the T/B staff, there too voice 1 and 2 should be used not 3 and 4, see https://musescore.org/en/handbook/voices

See also your posts https://musescore.org/en/node/298997 and https://musescore.org/en/node/290576

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Actually this was originally done in musescore 2.3 but was imported to muse score 3 last year and has been edited in musescore 3 since then. Is that the problem? Are my scores that have been created in muse score 3 going to be ok and it is just old scores like this that will have trouble because of where they were created?

Why when I go to save an edit does it ask me "do you want to replace the score?" And the musescore icons are all gray instead of the musescore logo? Please help. I do not want to make more troubles. Thank you, Kathleen

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In general, if you're happy with a score created in version 2, use version 2 to edit it. Version 3 will relayout scores imported from version 2. With experience you can learn to quickly make them look good like Jojo did. If you open a score created in version 2 using version 3, do not allow it to save over (replace the score) the old score. Save it in the folder for your version 3 scores which is usually a folder called "Scores 3" Use Save As... to do this. There is no other way to tell the scores' versions apart without opening them. A version 3 score won't open in version 2.

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To be clear: if you had been working on this score in any previous MuseScore 3 version, there really shouldn't be much change from 3.anything to MuseScore 3.5.2. But, this score has lots of manual adjustment that simply don't make sense. It's possible they might have been needed in MuseScore 2, but they shouldn't have been in any MuseScore 3 version So as mention, simply resetting the adjustments (Ctrl+A, Ctrl+R) and putting everything back to the default gives you a much better starting point. Also, get rid of the spacers, they aren't needed either.

Then to get from there to what you see in your picture - more space than the default between the verses - instead of all those manual adjustments, simply adjust the style settings to move the lyrics down would get you what you want in a matter of seconds. For instance, try increasing "Line height" in Format / Style / Lyrics.

Also, FWIW, you have a problem in the bottom staff where you seem to have used voices 3-4 rather than 1-2. This is what made it necessary to hide all those rests, but causes its own problems as well. best to fix that while you're at it. Each staff should start with voice 1.

The bottom line is, while it not clear how this could have changed between any previous 3.x version and 3.5.2, in general, you will save yourself a ton of time and frustration by fixing these things.

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No - All of the verse spacing still has to be completely re- done which messes up the pagination over and over again. This was originally done in 2.0 but all the edits were done just last week in 3.0 and saved in 3.0 I just don't know what an update should ruin all that. Please advise. Please tell me if I have not answered a question Thank you.

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You wrote:
No - All of the verse spacing still has to be completely re- done...

Looking at Jojo's latest attachment (30.29 KB), how exactly do you want it re-done?
Do you wish to increase the spacing at the top of verse 1 and to increase the spacing at the top of verse 2 -- if yes, what steps are you performing that messes up the pagination?

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