Tiny tool bar

• Oct 21, 2020 - 21:26

Probably just me, but when I upgraded to Musescore 3, the toolbar (in particulat with the note insert line displays way too small for these old eyes. How do I make it display bigger. THANK YOU!! My eyes are killing me> :)


Use a magnifying glass or open Edit->Preferences and under the General tab are options adjust the values for Icon height and width. I would choose option 2.

If it's literally just the toolbar, then the icon settings in Edit / Preferences are what you want. But if also you see the palettes look small and/or the score itself small (should be actual size, same size as a sheet of paper when viewed at 100% zoom). then you need the more global solution - the "-D" command line option mentioned. That's because on some systems, the monitor resolution is detected incorrectly, and this option allows you to override it.

Marc or Jojo.
You've have both given the same advice, but I just cannot grasp the fix. Please walk me thru the keystrokes.


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What operating system do you use? There are generic instructions on running musescore from the command line at https://musescore.org/en/handbook/revert-factory-settings#Via_command_l…. Follow those instructions for you system but type the program name (musescore3 or mscore) followed by -D xxx where xxx is the DPI for your monitor. If you don't know what it is try 100 then increase or decrease it until you get a comfortable result.

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Thank you Mike. I followed what you said. Putting in -D100 was exactly what I wanted. The program came up and looked great.....but when I closed it and subsequently reopened, it reverted to factory (small) setting. Close but no cigar for me yet...

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