3 issues for midi import

• Oct 24, 2020 - 04:52
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Windows8.1, MuseScore3.5.0
1) Marker event is not included as a rehearsal mark when importing midi.
2) Chord event is not included as additional code when importing midi.
3) When importing midi, 6-tuplets are not converted correctly in 4/4 time signature.


It looks like sextuplets aren't supported either. When you look in the dropdown for tuplets you have the option of 2,3,4,5,7,9. I've heard the bogus argument that sextuplets don't exist but they are well attested in music throughout the common practice period. I'm not sure how they are indicated in midi. If it is based only on on and off times, then MuseScore would have no way to know if it is supposed to be two triplets (very common) or a sextuplet (not quite as common).

My initial reply was because I know that no one can help you without samples to see what you are importing. My knowledge of midi is rather limited but there will no doubt be people who can give better answers about sextuplets and the other suggestions in the next few hours.

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About 3)
I know that in the midi import panel, inside the tuplet dropdown is "2,3,4,5,7,9" but not "6".
That may be the original cause, but in the case of 6/8 time signature, it may be converted to 6-tuplet correctly.

About 1) and 2)
With MuseScore 3.5.0
The lyrics events were added correctly when importing midi.
Similarly, marker and chord events
I think we should be able to handle it so that it will be automatically converted and added.
Because in MuseScore itself,
It already has the ability to add rehearsal marks and chord.

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The tuplets here are grouped correctly: 3 + 3 and imported correctly with the correct setting (tuplet: 3).

There is no tuplets at 6/8 meter. There are only 3 x 8th(s) for a beat = dotted quarter.
And the 16ths of these 8ths are grouped by twos 3x2=6 // 1,2 - 3,4 - 5,6 = (8) (8) (8) = (4.)

At 6/8, a 6-plet you might want to create on the dotted quarter already equals 6x16th(s). Which we can write without requiring a tuplet. (see above)

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