Non-MuseScore score question

• Oct 27, 2020 - 14:22

In the attached, there are simultaneous > hairpins and "cresc." text. Any idea what is actually meant, is it to get louder or softer?
The snip is from IMSLP45497-PMLP04725 page 123 (Die Walküre, Act III Scene I about 12/13 of the way through the scene). The same section in a different score edition (IMSLP341993) has the same concern, so it's not a one-off problem.
My next step is to see how it's approached in recordings, but given the short duration it might not be possible to pick it up.
Any help appreciated.

Walkure score Q.PNG



Mentioning the page number as well would've saved me 5 minutes. Here's a bit larger screenshot including the previous measures for context:

What is going on is that the cresc. is in effect from the piano two measures before this system up till the forte marking on the next system. But each note within it, is gradually faded from loud to still (so a bit like a slow accent).

Playback effect is something like: p > pp , mp > p, mf > mp, f

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