MuseScore 3 - transpose score

• Oct 28, 2020 - 17:32

I want to transpose entire score.

answers I've seen:
"Ctrl A" (ok, that works)
"Notes" (this does not exist on my menu bar)

"Ctrl A" (ok, that works)
"Tools" (ok, that works)
"Transpose" (nope - not listed as a menu item of tools)

Anyone out there know how to transpose using MuseScore 3?

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To transpose a complete score, ctrl+a to select the entire score or select nothing then under the tools menu, transpose is the first item. If this is not the case I suspect you are using MDL which means you need to change out of MDL's workspace to see the standard toolbars.

For the record, anything you are seeing that talks about a "Notes" menu is very old, talking about an earlier version of the program, so probably best not to consult that reference any more.

Transpose is normally the first thing in the Tools menu. It could well that as mentioned, a custom workspace like MDL chose to remove it. Hopefully someday they will release an update that doesn't break menus.

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never mind. I see that it stands for "MuseScore Drum Line". OK, guess that's useful for something. I just downloaded this a few days ago and transferred one chicken scratch handwritten score to Muse. Thanks for the help.

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MDL is MuseScore Drumline. This probably means you don't have it. If you don't have a transpose option under the tools menu perhaps you could post a screen shot of the program open with the Help->About box displayed so it doesn't obscure anything but the score.

@sharp9flat13... You wrote:
I just downloaded this a few days ago...

Welcome aboard. The more information you supply (most especially if you attach a score), the more detailed and relevant is the information you can receive here.

So a general question like...
Anyone out there know how to transpose using MuseScore 3?
will get you general info. here:

For requests like:
Sheesh - all I wanted to do is print out a chart for the trumpet player.
[from] one chicken scratch handwritten score.

You'll get a suggestion:
If you entered notes for a different instrument and you wish to transpose it to print out for a trumpet player you can simply change the instrument to trumpet:…
This way the staff transposition automatically gets updated (and ready for printing).

More important topics:
especially if you use transposing instruments
to generate an individual player's part from a full score comprised of multiple instruments.


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