Setting Systems per Page

• Nov 9, 2020 - 04:35

OK, I've been through the handbook and tutorials several times to no avail. My score has decided to to only put one system on a page except for a couple of pages. I'm viewing it in Page view, not Continuous, and have tried messing around with breaks and spacers palette. They seem to be correct with a system break after the first system and a page break after the 2nd. The spacing seems OK.

All I want is 2 systems/page. Where should I be looking to fix this? Where is it described in the manual.


If MuseScore decides to put just one system onto a page, it has its reason to believe that a 2nd system won't fit, given the current content, pages- ans style settings.

Share the score and we can have a look what it is in this score

To be clear, there is no setting for number of systems per page. There are settings for the staff size, the minimum distance between systems, the page size, the size of the bottom margin, and the distance from the last system to that margin. If MuseScore determines another system can fit, it fits it. If not, it doesn't. The reason it doesn't fit might be symbols above or below the staff that would cause would cause collisions, or really just about anything. So indeed as mentioned, we'd need to see the score to understand the specific reason the second system isn't fitting in your particular case and to suggest solutions (generally, changing one or more of those settings).

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