How do I write a piece in a minor key?

• Nov 14, 2020 - 01:19

I know this sounds like a dumb question, but I am stumped.

Each Key Signature represents both a Major and it's relative Minor. I am working on C#minor, of which the relative major is E. 4 sharps in the key signature. I also want Solfege movable Do on the notes.

If I add the the key signature and then the notes, when I enter the notes I get C# = La instead of C# = Do.
If I add the notes prior to adding the key signature, I get I get C# = Do as it should. But then when I add the key signature it switches to La as would be correct for E major. See attached clips.

I tried changing "Key signature mode" to minor in the inspector for the key signature element, but it goes right back to unknown when I click in the score to return to editing.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Steven Wheeler

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Maybe some rules have changed since I went to school, but - the third note of a minor scale starting with 'do' would be Ri, not Mi - When site-reading, in this case of C#m, if one considers the C# as 'do' then he might sing the E as a major 3rd instead of minor - That's why (when site-reading) it's a no-brainer for me, when, i.e. the KS is 4 #'s, then E is always Do. So, 'La-based' as you say, I think would be the simplest and least confusing (for the minor keys) -just my two cents.

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