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• Nov 17, 2020 - 19:40
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S4 - Minor
by design

I have placed a D.C al Fine at the end of the bars with a repeat ending.
The Fine is part way through - the repeat works but it does not stop at the Fine.

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Status active by design

It works perfectly. You have a repeat and a DC al fine. It plays the song, then it plays the repeat, then it plays the DC al fine as expected.

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No, Fine should stop on the beat, not wait till the end of the measure. This music is as written and played by major orchestras. It should stop on the beat that has the word Fine over it. If you want the entire measure to be the last, then Fine should be placed on the end of the measure, not the beginning. Please research and verify this for yourself before continuing.

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Uh oh, not good.
That's the point, the design is half right. The default should be to the end of the measure with Fine placed at the end of the measure. If Fine is anywhere else, it should stop on that beat. This is a simple thing that you learn early in theory class and no one should have to make a workaround for it. What if 1st and 2nd repeats similarly did not work? Telling users that oh well, they will have to write out the score twice, with the second time having a different ending, is unacceptable.

Workaround No Yes

You can't attach a Fine (or any jump instrunction or jump marker) to a note/chord or rest, just to a measure. And there it applies to its end (well, Segno and Coda to its start). Workaround as outlined above.

And this is a different issue that that of the OP.

C'mon, be positive. We can't attach a fine to a note....yet. When you fix it, we'll be able to do just that. I trust in the abilities of the Musescore programmers to fix this problem with their usual skill. If you see any Musescore programmers be sure to thank them for me. They've done an outstanding job so far.