Piano octaves names changeable

• Nov 21, 2020 - 11:23

Dear support team,
i kindly would like you to ask if you could think about enabling one hopefully little thing in the very enjoying musescore:
could you make it possible, that in the piano keyboard the names of the "c"-s could be changed?
now they are fix named with c1 to c8, which is for example in austria named different, so as c4 is c1, and c3 is "kleines c" or shortversion "c0", c2 is "capital C", short version "C"
while teaching it would be great for not confusing the pupils with different terms.
do you think, this is possible?
thanks in advance,
keep on the great work,
kind regards,


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I could, but don't believe it to be a good idea to deviate from the common scientific notation, so won't ;-)
Furthermore, while l know that strings like "C6" exist, I also know that the status bar for example doesn't use those but instead uses just "C" and adds the octave.

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