Voltas seem correct but repeats don't follow

• Nov 21, 2020 - 11:48

Measure 8 is repeat 1,3 measure 9 repeat 2,4 and still MuseScore plays repeats 1 and 2 only
Volta repeat list measure 8 is 1, 3
Volta repeat list measure 9 is 2, 4
Measure 8 play count is 4
I can't see what's wrong

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When a volta comes into play you want to set the play count always to the number of items in the volta repeat list + 1.
So you'd need to set both m8 and m9 playback counts to the value of "3" as both volta repeatlists consist of 2 entries.

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@jeetee: This is not what I have learned in this forum (and I'm confused because I consider you as a reference).
Only the first measure in the list of volta needs to have its play count adapted, in this case to the value 4.
My mistake (silly me, I'm always doing the same one) was to forget the repeat barline at the end of measure 9 that Shoichi has kindly added.

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Part of the confusion about my answer might be that I started from Shoichi's file instead of yours, so apologies for not making that clear.

It used to be true that you only had to adjust the first measure repeat count; this was changed a bit in 2.1. From then on you had to set the first repeat barline to at least volta repeatlist length + 1, but setting it to the total number of repeats worked as well. All following end repeats with a volta had the same rule; at least volta repeatlist length + 1, but setting them to total number of repeats worked as well.

Now with 3.5.1 (and 3.5.2) I have fixed a number of issues with regards to playing back the correct "final" repeat after taking a jump. Something that mostly was broken when using a simple D.C. or D.S. (without a coda). For that logic, it is now more important that you don't set the repeat counts for the end repeat barline measures to be higher than the required count; otherwise the "last/final" repeat might end up not being what you intended.

So this change is quite recent (and perhaps I should update the handbook to make this more clear?). You're quite correct in making me a reference concerning voltas/jumps/repeats as I've written most of the code that makes this work since 2.1 ;-)

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Hum if you are the implementer then may I do an humble request?
It would be wonderful if just setting the repeat list would by default set all the other attributes "correctly".
With the possibility of changing them manually if necessary, but without requiring it.
Let's take the current example.
Once the Volta "Repeat list" are set in the inspector ('1, 3' for measure 8 and '2, 4' for measure 9), why is it necessary:
-to set the repeat text, it should automatically display 1.3 & 2.4 (only as a default I agree that manual override is sometimes necessary)
-to set the repeat count on various measures, well the repeat count has been (implicitly but fully) set by the 2 "Repeat list" isn't it?

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I'd love this kind of automation. The trick here is getting all bases covered (and my free time :-) ).

Feel free to open a topic on that request specifically, so we can try to cover all use cases and how they interact (add barline after volta etc..)

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