same sheet music file shown differently on 2 computers

• Nov 24, 2020 - 08:19

We are working in a team, so the scores are kept on the server and accessed by me and by another user.
When I open the finished scores, they are good looking, well formatted, just as I left them.
If the same score is opened from another computer (also mac, with the same version of MS3), the score is messed up - the music is larger than the sheet, aligned too much to the right etc.
I've made sure that we are opening exactly the same file.
The current situation makes our work impossible.
Any suggestions, any clues?

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I forgot to add that it is a quite new problem, we didn't have it some months ago.
And nothing has changed since (and for years) regarding the hardware, it's the same old computers.
It seems that it's only there with scores that have been created on MS3. The problem isn't there with old MS2 scores.

The picture on the right is from an older version of MuseScore than the one on the left. I believe it was around 3.2.1 that the non-printing characters were changed from blue to gray.

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