Enable Drumset display panel even when there is no drumset

• Nov 25, 2020 - 08:21
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Feature request:

Display/Hide the drumset instrument panel from the palette or a menu button even when there is no drum part (as in musescore 1), leaving it visible until specifically closed.

Show the NAMES of the different instruments in the drumset panel either briefly or while hovering over the note.


If there is no drumset defined then there will be no notes shown in the drum palette so nothing to hover over. For example, add a Concert Snare drum to your score and there are only two notes defined and only two notes you can hover over to see what they mean.

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On the drumset panel at the bottom (see attachment)
1 - There are only shortcut letters for some of the instruments and no indication of what each note means
2 - If the cursor is focused on one of the other instruments the drum panel disappears and stays hidden even when returning to click of any note already entered in the drum part of the score
3 - The only way of making the drum panel visible again is to click on one of the keyboard keys which it uses

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What you see at the bottom of the picture is one drumset definition. You can have several drumsets defined, even in one score. They can even have some of the same drums and have different shortcuts for the drum if the user so desires. So for example

Percussion 1 defines - Snare, Cymbal, Bongos and uses A-D for shortcuts
Percussion 2 defines - Wood blocks, Triangle, Cymbal and user defines A-E for shortcuts
Percussion 3, The user uses the MuseScore predefined drum set as in your picture with it's various shortcuts and notes that require a click to add

Question. Which drumset does it show when the violin is selected? Answer none because the violin can't have drums notated on its staff. If a drums note or rest is selected in note input mode, its appropriate Drumset definition is shown so the user will know how to add each drum to that staff.

See the attached score to see this example in practice. I haven't seen this exact setup, but I've seen similar percussion lists.

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