Odd short-to-long instrument naming behavior, like a Section Break is being inserted.

• Dec 2, 2020 - 17:26

MuseScore 3.5.2, Windows 10
In the attached please see page 106 measure 379. In the first system, notice that the "short" instrument names are used on the left.
At measure 380 make an edit to either the System Text at the top or the Staff Text above the Sieglinde staff.
As soon as an edit is made to either, the instrument names change to the "long" version and the brackets become a bit off, it's as if a Section Break (instead of a System or Page Break) were inserted at the end of page 105.
Next, save & close the score; on re-opening the score is back to "short" instrument names.
Any ideas why?

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I don't know if this has been reported before, but the cause is the interaction between the vertical frame (the trigger) and the instrument names when entering staff text or system text, but also chords (Ctrl + K), lyrics (Ctrl + L), figured bass (Ctrl + G), maybe others.
If it has not been reported (?), it is probably because this glitch resolves itself on Saving.


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If you think it’s big and complex now, wait until I add scenes 2 and 3. Scene 2 not so bad, about 40 (wagner-size) pages. Scene 3 will be the killer, although I already did the last half of scene 3 previously in MS 2.x and should be able to use lots of copy/paste. Hopefully done late next year! If note entry bogs down (not really an issue yet) I will do copy paste from a simpler score. My visual-based proof reading of scene 1 is complete. Next step is ear-based at about 60% normal speed for wrong notes I missed visually, and adjusting tempos which are presently all 80 bpm. Then posting on musescore.com.
Many thanks to you, Jo-jo, mike320, jeetee and many others who helped with the rough spots.

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I came across this fault while correcting a score submitted by a transcriber: instrument names suddenly appeared unbidden at the start of a system. This score doesn't use Short Instrument Name, so I think it must be the Long Instrument Name which popped up. The fault seemed to happen whenever I made a small edit to notes, articulations or dynamics on page 2.

There is no vertical frame involved where the problem occurred (on the first system of page 2). But I noticed that the transcriber used a lot of spacers on this page. By removing all the spacers I got the fault to go away.

Attached is the original transcriber's score, before I made any changes.

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There might not be a frame on the top of page 2, but there is on the bottom of page 1, so I'm pretty sure that's it. I can certainly reproduce the original problem in this score using 3.5, but not with my build using the fix I just implemented for the frame issue. I think the spacers are a red herring. The reality is, certain layout operations (ones resulting in a "partial layout") trigger the bug, whereas ones that trigger a full layout clear it (which is why saving/reloading is a workaround). Your spacer changes probably had a similar effect.

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