Bug with repeat signs

• Dec 5, 2020 - 18:25

Sorry, but it seems there's a bug with the repeat sings in my last score.

The repeat sing closing measure 56 doesn't work proprely. I mean, meanwhile it goes back to measure 29, the music is played continuing with measure 57.

Can someone help me ? Must I change something in my writing or does it come from the site ?

Please, I really need help. This score is very important for me. I've made this song for my son.


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Could anyone make that test :
Click on this link

Before clicking on play, have a look at the duration : is it 5:44 ?
Then what happens when you click on play ? The duration reduces to 5:01, the pink zone reads correctly the repeat feature and goes bach to measure 29, but the audio reads measure 57 instead of going back to measure 29. Is that what you see too ?

I can't let it that way. It's not what I've written. I need an A and B before C, because of the lyrics.

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Please, let me just understand.
On which site did you listen my score ? On which site do we publish our score, making them listenable by anyone ?
From the software, I do not choose. Do you ?
So how did you listened it correctly, with a duration of 5:44 ?

You wrote : " Or do you mean inside the MuseScore program on your PC? "
The problem appears only on the site where scores are published. All has been solved on the software.

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This part of the discussion belongs on the .com site (where I already commented) but I'll say that when I play the song on .com pressing play shortens the length to 5:01. When I play it, at the repeat the measure marker jumps back to the start repeat but the sounds are from the measure after the repeat. I'm using Chrome on Windows 10 with a decrepit old slow POS computer rather than a nice shiny new rocket ship type computer. 😁

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