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I've tried the approach using the lyrics explained in the Forums thread. Selecting the last sticking and selecting edit style give me an error (see pic). Alternatively, if i select the note, and Add-.text->sticking, advances to the second line, upon entering the sticking, hitting spacebar or right arrow moves the cursor the the next sticking on the first line?


Not sure which forum thread you mean, but I'm guessing it's pretty old - the sticking feature doesn't need workarounds like that any more. So I'm not sure what you were trying to do with the lyrics, or what "edit style" is - a menu item or this name somewhere? But if you continue to have trouble, it is best to attach your actual score and describe what you are doing step by step, then we can understand and assist better.

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If it jumps to the wrong verse, press enter and the input cursor will move down to the next. If you want to know which verse you are currently entering text into, open the inspector and the Verse field updates as you move through the score and add new lyrics.

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hi Mike,

sorry for all this confusion. I don't see a Verse field in the inspector. I see the offsets change but that's all the updates. Also, hitting enter on the last sticking on 2nd line DOES NOT go to the 1st sticking 3rd line. It jumps to the next measure.

But interesting enough, if i use add->text->lyrics, then i can step each position on same line and add my sticking. But atill using enter jumps to next measure.

i guess my next questions is what's the difference between lyrics and sticking?

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MuseScore never jumps back when you press enter, it always moves down, except when the text is entered like it's in a word processor. The inspector is toggled by pressing F8. Verse is near the bottom of the inspector and you may need to scroll down or collapse a section (click a title like "text") to see it.

Sticking was made to format appropriately for a single line of sticking instructions and should generally be aligned below the staff like lyrics.

Lyrics have some special formatting that allows several verses to be entered and MuseScore will format them so they line up on a system. They also handle - and _ in a special way that makes sense for lyrics.

Since you want to have several lines of sticking it makes sense to use lyrics, which was the most common workaround before sticking was added rather recently.

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