arco to pizz. and back sounds to match score

• Dec 18, 2020 - 15:33

I've been using the mixer with good results, but now it's not working. I looked through the handbook and found this: but I cannot get the Staff Text Properties…; to appear. "Right-click on applied staff text means pizz. or the desired text just typed, correct?

Please help! I'm teaching virtually and I want to make a virtual rehearsal with the music.


Use the pizz. and arco texts from text palette. Or indees staff text and its right-click properties, just as the handbook describes.
You need instruments that have those channels though, like violin, viola, cello... won't work for piano

To be cleat: if you use the "arco" and "pizz" on the Text palette, you don't need to mess with the mixer of staff text properties, everything just works,

But, if you do need to access staff text properties for some reason, be sure you are right-clicking (or equivalent touch gesture, like two-finger tap), and be sure you are actually on a staff text and not some other type of text like dynamics or lyrics.

If you continue to have trouble, please attach your score and describe the problem in more detail.

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