Not all text visible in Format > Style > Score and Page settings dialog in 3.6 Beta

• Dec 22, 2020 - 10:37
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Graphical (UI)
S3 - Major

I am running the 3.6 Beta release on windows and have reverted back to factory defaults.
Assuming this also means all the dialogs shown on my system are using the default height/width.
I am very keen on using the new vertical justification functionality and noticed a minor UI dialog issue.

In the screenshot I have marked to location where the text is (partial) hidden. Perhaps the default height for this dialog needs to be increased slightly with the new options added?


Frequency Once Few
Workaround No Yes

Confirmed. It can even get sized so that this last option isn't shown at all.
Workaround is to increase the dialog slighly

Title Not all text visible in Style-Page settings dialog in 3.6 Beta Not all text visible in Format > Style > Score and Page settings dialog in 3.6 Beta
Severity S4 - Minor S3 - Major

Even worse on the Score tab, where a whole section about auto placement gets hidden

I've found a solution! Don't ask what the problem was exactly; it was something with a wrong size policy on a completely unrelated widget in a different page... but I don't even remember.

But, the height of the whole dialog has increased a good bit, to ca. 770 px for me... That could cause problems on smaller screens. I think I will wrap the taller pages in a scroll area.

I beliebe that 'wrong' size pilicy had been placed there on purpose, to force the dialog smaller

Worst offender height-wise is Format > Style > Score, followed by Format > Style > Page

  1. On Format > Style > Score that "Indent first system" could get moved to Format > Style > System. IIRC that had been discussed on Telegram some days or weeks ago.

    • Maybe the Hide empty staves section too? May not be needed though
  2. On Format > Style > Page those last 5 items could be in 2 columns, would save 2 lines.

Those 2 changes should be enough to the the dialog back to the current size without hiding anything

Status PR created fixed

Fixed in branch 3.x, commit 564e2e75fe

_Fix #314646: Fix sizing of some pages in the Edit Style Dialog

And make sure it will also work on smaller screens by using a Scroll Area for the most critical pages._

Fix version